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We harvest hardwoods, cedar, and clear land using state of the art Ponsse brand cut to length logging machinery for efficient, clean, environmentally friendly results.

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Cedar Harvest

Fast, economical clearing of unwanted cedar to produce marketable timber

cedar harvest

Fast, economical clearing of unwanted cedar to produce marketable timber

Eastern Red Cedar is considered an invasive species in Missouri.  Typically, if cleared land has not been maintained cedars will colonize and take over.  This land can be reclaimed into productive grazing land, hay fields, or prairie.  We’ve worked extensively with landowners in all of these areas and have a lot of expertise that could help with your project.  We’ve helped Shaw Nature Reserve restore fallow farmland to native prairie, as well as private landowners wishing to reestablish prairie, glade, or savannah ecosystems in overgrown forests.

We have markets for cedar that produce closet liner, fence pickets, posts, and decking, shoe trees, and all kinds of nifty cedar knick knacks like you find in catalogs and country stores.  That cedar has to come from somewhere, and in the midwest that somewhere is often us!

The Ponsse brand cut-to-length equipment we use allows us to quickly and economically clear unwanted cedars to produce marketable timber.  Before the advent of this equipment a landowner only had two options; cutting by hand, or bulldozing.  The first is awful, the second is wasteful and messy.  We remove the cedar, selling everything down to three inches in diameter.  Normally we can clear cedar for no cost to the landowner, and if the quality, quantity, and location allow, we can realize a net income to the landowner.

Do you want to see your cedars removed at the rate of two trees per minute?  Give us a call!