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We harvest hardwoods, cedar, and clear land using state of the art Ponsse brand cut to length logging machinery for efficient, clean, environmentally friendly results.

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Land Clearing

Quick, clean, environmentally intelligent removal of unwanted timber

land clearing

Quick, clean, environmentally intelligent removal of unwanted timber

We use Ponsse brand timber harvesting equipment to quickly and cleanly remove unwanted timber from development sites, road and utility right of ways, pond sites, building sites, and pasture restorations.  This equipment allows us to remove undesirable timber and sell it to defer land clearing costs.  It leaves the development site free from the material that usually needs to be ground and disposed of or piled and burned.

Clearing the timber from the site is the environmentally intelligent solution.  Rather than grinding and burying the material, burning it, or paying to haul it off, our work salvages all hardwood species down to 6″ in diameter and cedar down to 3″.  The timber is then used by local sawmills to manufacture any sort of wood product including barrels, plywood, lumber, railroad ties, pallets, closet liner, fence pickets, and garden mulch.  We have developed markets to maximize the value of all of the timber we remove during land clearing operations.

Using sophisticated cut-to-length equipment has the lowest soil impact of any large scale land clearing method.  The machines are on rubber tires and do not tear up the soil.  This is ideal for pasture restoration.  Many old farms in Missouri have large tracts of land that were neglected generations ago and taken over by cedar and other unwanted species.  Our equipment allows us to quickly and economically process these unwanted, low value species into commercially viable material without bulldozing, skidding, or making roads.

Clearing land with cut-to-length equipment goes very quickly.  We can get the timber off the land and trucked to sawmills in a short amount of time without the expense and disturbance of bulldozing, burning, or having the material ground.

In many cases, if the quality and volume of timber to be removed is sufficient we are able to realize an income for the landowner.