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Recognized by the Missouri Forest Products Association
We harvest hardwoods, cedar, and clear land using state of the art Ponsse brand cut to length logging machinery for efficient, clean, environmentally friendly results.

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Select Timber Harvest

Forest improvement for the benefit of wildlife and future generations

select timber harvest

Forest improvement for the benefit of wildlife and future generations

We are a forest improvement harvest company.  We are not a minimal impact timber harvest company.  We perform select timber harvesting that makes the forest better than it was before by opening up the canopy to allow higher quality valuable species and suppressed trees to thrive.  A typical forest that has not been managed has too many trees that are too small and have limited growth opportunities.

Forests in Missouri now have four times as many trees that are four times as small as they were when the area was settled by Europeans.  As fire has been removed from this ecosystem, inferior trees have been able to take up valuable space and sunlight.  Select timber harvesting brings a healthier condition to the forest while realizing an income for the landowner.

Our work, including all of our roads and trails are designed to minimize soil disturbance and erosion.  We install erosion prevention measures at the completion of the job according to the standards of the Missouri Watershed Protection Practice handbook.

Our harvests do not adversely affect the forest to a minimal degree; they improve your forest for the benefit of wildlife and future generations.